One-to-One Coaching

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What if you took a moment, reassess your current situation and finally move on with more clarity?
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First we start with a free trial session where we can have a chat and roughly outline your objectives. You can experience my style of coaching. The coaching programme that suits you may include any or all of the following:

Pre-programme work: As a starting point the Heyman-Strength-Analyser can clarify your thinking and enhance your awareness.

Scheduled regular sessions: Face-to-Face (60 – 90 min) or by phone (45 – 60 min) for around 10 – 12 hours in total. „Meeting” twice each month seems to be convenient for most people.

Summaries of sessions at times: Show the progress that has been made and share additional afterthoughts.

Urgent e-mail support: I am delighted to give emergency support whenever I can.

Bonus time: Sometimes something crops up and you want a bit of „on the spot“ coaching between sessions! You are invited to phone in for quick check-in sessions when needed.


Areas of Exploration

– Identify your most important values as a person/manager

– Explore and become aware of what management/leadership means to you

– Notice what blocks your effectiveness and adopt approaches

– Develop responsive habits that create greater team alignment

– Embody authentic presence that inspires others to the same way of being

– Instill trust that is contagious

– Expand your listening skills in ways that generate empowerment

– Express an engaging vision


Each session is completely confidential and adheres a strict code of conduct.

Just click here and and I’ll contact you to make an appointment with you.