Strength Analyser

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Right Man! – Wrong Job?
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Does everyone work at the right place?

We believe that everybody is good at something. The art is to discover an individual’s talent. However, from sports we know – talent alone is not enough – one has to add experience, skills and know-how in order to end up with a real strength.

The Heyman Strenghts Analyser provides professional easy-to-use HR-leadership tools for managers, who strive for excellence. Our trainers and coaches will help you to implement them and empower you as a manager.


By using this technique, the feedback is respectful, motivating and constructive as different competencies are needed for different tasks. The feedback is not judgemental but descriptive in relation to the job. The level of tension and emotions is significantly less, leading to the creation of a more positve ambiance.


Check out your potential now on:

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