Customer Services

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What if your customers kept coming back for more?
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What you say may not be what the customer hears, and what you hear may not be what the customer says!

Excellent customer service is the ability to constantly and consistently exceed the customer’s expectation. Embedded in this statement is everyone’s awareness that every aspect of the business has an impact on customer service. It involves making a commitment to constantly learning what your customer’s needs are, and improving customer friendly processes.

The training is designed to support you in handling difficult customers and situations and not getting caught in the line of fire.

At the same time the course trains vital skills to develop customer loyalty, retain self-management and confidence in any customer situation.



Course Outline

  • Understanding what excellent customer service is
  • Learning how to meet and exceed customer expectations
  • Smart Techniques for better communication
  • Improving your self-management skills
  • Key factors to handling angry, rude or indifferent customers
  • Managing tricky situations
  • Creative Techniques to sharpen your listening skills
  • Overcoming stress and burn-out
  • The secret to good rapport with customers
  • Creating a customer service action plan