Private Coaching

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Love it - Leave it - or Change it!
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Everybody could do with a little nudge, now and then. We are so busy creating and acting on our own little world that it is hard for us to get out of the woods!

However, with a little help of your coach you can change what you don’t love or cannot leave. When entering the premises of a coach you want a change in your life, in one way or another. Nevertheless, when you want to gain muscles you need to train them. You enter a gym, you examine your status quo, you set a goal and you elaborate a work-out plan on the adequate machines. Then you start exercising until you reach your set goal.

This procedure mirrors the coaching process. Reassessing your present situation, getting a clear picture of your future life, spotlighting what holds you back and then generating a concrete action plan are the components of every coaching cycle. The importance lays on taking actions where you feel stuck, exploring your language and behaviour pattern and then following your dormant ( or confused) potential talents and goals.

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