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Would you like to follow my traxx?
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After passing the German Abitur, I took a year off and went to Birmingham to work as an „Au-Pair”. Instead I started right away as Estate Agent where I sharpened my assertiveness and selling skills as well as experiencing authenticity and honesty. This intended half year of improving my English skills turned into 2 years of extremely hard work, running between England and Spain where I also sold properties.

Following the natural course of things, but forever changed by my early experience, I returned to Germany, got my Diploma as „Diplom Kaufmann” (Master in Business Administration) after 6 years of studies at university and started to work for different further education institutions right after the „Mauerfall” especially in the eastern part of Germany.

Complete with the trials and tribulations that life brings, that step further developed me as a person and I started to follow a career path in the cooperate world as a consultant, responsible for business management and marketing seminars, presentations and lectures for one of the biggest brand companies of consumer goods.

After 7 years of enjoyable, tough work in different working environments, career stages and for different objectives, I decided to work for a well known but smaller company in further education as a Key Account Consultant and Management Trainer.

Working with so many different companies in the last job has provided me with a lot of insights and laid the groundwork for my choice of career as a self-employed Management Trainer for communication skills and Certified Business Coach. First in Hamburg and now here in Geneva for traxxFACTORY. Running your own business really reveals the thrill and the despair of having a business.

In fact, I am particularly interested in making work a better place to be and therefore facilitating people with a factory full of tool so they can leave their own traxx.

When I am not at work I will either be having a lovely time with my family, which includes my dog, be on the back of a horse, jogging through the environment or snuggled up with a good book.


Track down my life

  • 2010 Further education to become a certified business coach and additionally certified Lominger Voices
  • 2009 Various further education seminars, especially focussed on methods of personality, talent tests
  • 2008 Intensive continuing education for the French language (Delf B1)
  • 2006 Relocation to Switzerland, Geneva, new orientation and settlement of the family
  • 2005 Entrepreneurship, 2003-2005, self employed with traxxFACTORY, for further education in Communication skills for sales, service and marketing, acquisition as add on task
  • 2002 Project director Key Account, consultant and management trainer of the Marketing Akademie Hamburg, key segments: marketing, service and sales
  • 1999 Start at the Marketing Akademie Hamburg, one of the biggest management consultancies
  • 1998 After birth of my two children, part time employed
  • 1997 Furthermore responsible for the biggest relaunched project of the department, the WELLA Company Comparison
  • 1995 Last position as regional consultant, responsible for all activities in one region (former eastern part of Germany)
  • 1993 Responsible for the planning and realisation of business management and marketing seminars, presentations and lectures
  • 1992 Start in one of the biggesst brand companies of consumer goods, WELLA AG
  • 1991 Lecturer for further education of adults at Grone Schule, IFBE, for sales, business management, body language
  • 1990 University degree, Master of Business Administration, Diplom Kauffrau
  • 1989 Diploma thesis: self-contains, year long investigation „sense of life, psychology and contentment of executives“ Interview parter, e.g.: Björn Engholm and Heide Simonis,the former Federal Minister
  • 1988 University studies in business management from 1985 until 1990 at the Christian-Albrechts University in Kiel
  • 1987 Germany, main courses: marketing, organisation, human resources and psychology
  • 1986 Sideline jobs to finance my studies at university
  • 1984 Stay abroad, Birmingham as Assistant of the director of Mark Charles, Estate Agents Valuers
  • 1983 High school graduation, Abitur, Gelehrtenschule Meldorf, Germany