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Why I will inspire you to find your own traxx.
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Only the one who is prepared to step out of his/her predecessor footprints will be able to leave his/her own traxx and will gain meaning for his/her life.

What traxxFACTORY is offering is not (again) a new school but a specific and unique approach with a factory full of tools, techniques and methods which trigger the explicit representation of what is already there to some degree in each and everyone of us.

My unique area of expertise is to enable people to spotlight their own way of communicating. My approach is based on the intuition already available. It is learnable and therefore repeatable and sustainable.


I am convinced that people are searching for a meaning in life and work just as well. Giving them the chance to reflect on and reconsider their current (work) situation, will motivate them to assess consciously, walk out of their „old” and „worn-out” traxx if necessary and look for new directions.
Therefore, everything I do is to support and inspire people to detect and follow their own path.

Imagine if we were more confident about the things we daily work on and we are getting done. Imagine if most people loved going to work everyday. Imagine if everything we did was in pursuit of something greater than ourselves.

You might call it optimism; I call it inspirational vision because this is why I do what I do.

Are you in for a little experiment? Click here …

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