Business Coaching

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First, I would like to emphasise that coaching is neither psychotherapy nor psychoanalysis.
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Maybe you could compare it to a gym. When you walk into a gym you’ve decided to work and shape your body, exercise your muscles and feeling generally more comfortable and healthier. What a great decision! However, you couldn’t go while feeling poorly. It’s more about strengthening and balancing. Now, if you go into coaching, you have decided to raise your awareness, spotlight your current life/job situation and to move forward. Frequently I meet managers arrive at a stage or a phase of their career where they find themselves tangled and they don’t understand what is keeping them from moving forward.

As a professional certified coach I am dedicated to partnering with managers to build capacity, expand awareness and improve effectiveness and satisfaction. Each session is completely confidential and adheres a strict code of conduct.

Coaching supports the manager either in his/her doing or his/her being. So, doing coaching can be very practically oriented and supports you to achieve a defined objective. Whereas the being-coaching focuses on your own track in life and helps getting a better understanding of your future-life.

Coaching is an investment in a richer life. It won’t cost you much but it will pay. Interested in the investment details? Click here …

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Working with me as a transformative coach affords a highly personalised, intimate, one-on-one basis for exploration and development.

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