Presentation Skills

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What if you had all the confidence and could shine at your next conference?
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You dream to be a brilliant, charismatic, inspiring and memorable presenter?
Decide what kind of presenter you want to be:
An avarage speaker who wants to get his message through or a convincing, shining presenter who shows up masterfully and holds the script in his hands.

To present brilliantly or even magically we need to use our communication skills! Effective speakers and presenters are those with high energy and personal power.


My Presentation Skills Training will be tailord in-house for a group of people or one-to-one. It is for people who

  • give presentations at conferences
  • give key-note-speeches
  • pitch clients presentations
  • make sales presentations
  • need to promote ideas internally


We learn to notice, follow and then leave our own tracks. We experience that we can use the stage and shine, by:

  • Setting the frame
  • Raising awareness
  • Using the five senses
  • Working with body language