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Only the one who is prepared to step out of his precursors footprint will leave his own mark.
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Christiane Habernei

Head of traxxFACTORY and Managing Director at Heyman Group SA

2012 Certified Hypotherapist, Management Trainer in Communication Skills

2011 Certified Business/Life Coach


Personally, I love the work I do and I am very passionate about it.

I am quirky, approachable, full of beans and dead serious. I am committed to give you the absolute best professional personal development and all this with a lot of fun. This keeps my flame burning and allows sparks to set my participants on fire.

My life experiences had perfectly primed me to specialise in personal impact; Business Coaching, Presentation, Communication, Leadership skills and Team Building.

My career path has neither been straight nor narrow.
Now my journey has seen me transformed from an Estate Agent into a Business Management Trainer and Coach (MBA).

Indeed, my journey is a great example of how things do not always turn out as we plan and what a blessing it can be!

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