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Moving people with successful and measurable coaching.
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traxxFACTORY‘s unique area of expertise is to enable people to spotlight what works and where to adopt or change. Our approach is based on the participants intuitions. It is learnable and therefore repeatable and sustainable. Where ever possible we are working in our participants talents. Attendees experience where their own pitfalls, their strengths and resources are.

My expertise as a certified Coach, Hypnotherapist and Trainer stems from a wide range of experience in getting people to change. I coach, hypnotise and train people to become self-aware, understand, disburden and to strive but most of all to commit to change! Why else would they seek support?

However, what makes the traxxFACTORY approach so special? Let us have a look at the three vital aspects of the unique traxxFACTORY-method.



Read your traxx Notice and become aware of your unique perception of your own world (mindset). This will sharpen your ability to detect language and behaviour pattern in yourself and of your counterpart. Your communication skills will improve.

Follow your traxx Following your own way depending on your personality means to sharpen your intuition and unlock your dormant potentials and talents. You experience yourself in your strengths and resources but at the same time as well in your pitfalls and bear traps. This heightens your empathy and broadens your view on people around you. The desired change for the better is sustained.

Leave your traxx Working within your own strengths energises and enflames the spark not only in yourself but implicits also a high impact on your work environment! Work is not as strenuous and exhausting as before. It evolves a lot of fun, passion and open-mindedness. The power to go the extra mile is herewith provided.

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